Change Your Closet’s Carbon Footprint

Outfit combination with a Carbon Neutral stamp

Feeling like our efforts don’t make a difference.

It’s one of those things we don’t want to have to think about: how our actions in our daily lives contribute to climate change.

I know. I really just hate thinking about this. Especially when I’ve been working hard on acting sustainably and changing a lot of habits myself…only to find massive discrepancies in other areas of my life. (Like buying an organic cucumber…wrapped in plastic!)

It makes me feel like all of the things that I’ve been doing are for nothing.

Have you felt the same?

And it seems like the changes we make as individuals has no impact on the grand scheme of things- especially when we look at the statistics that are constantly being thrown at us. Because so far the Paris Agreement to cut all industrial emissions by half in 2030 doesn’t look like it’s going to be reached. 

It’s de-motivating to say the least.

But your actions DO make a difference.

Keep moving forward…

Today I am writing this blog post to tell all of you reading it to KEEP MOVING FORWARD with your own shifts to a more sustainable and consciously lived life. We may not give up.

Change starts with us. As individuals.

We begin changing our habits by becoming aware of what we’re doing. Acutely aware. It’s the awareness of what we do, the impact it has on the planet and finding a solution to change it for the better that will make a difference.

And yes, making the change is really hard. I know. I’m working on my own mindset shifts and habit shifts on a daily basis. I write down the things I want to change. Then, I research them and find ways that I can do something better. 

And yes- the change process takes awhile. I constantly ‘mess up’, but at least I’m aware of what I did and will do better the next time. It’s a process.

The key here is to not give up. Keep moving forward and find ways to do things better.

Which part of our carbon footprint should we be focusing on?

Which aspects of reducing our carbon footprint should we be focusing on? That’s a tough question to answer because sustainability is interlinked with pretty much everything else. Everything we do affects the other.  And I’m certain that this isn’t new information for you, but here are some of the big ones:

Transportation, Housing & Utilities, Diet, Clothing, and the other household ‘stuff’ we collect and consume.

You can begin by taking a look at your estimated footprint using this calculator here.

It’s clear. Some things are easier to change than others. It’s easier to change the way we buy things and the way we eat than it is to live in a carbon neutral home or change the way we transport ourselves- especially when we live in a remote place. But we can set ourselves some goals in those more difficult areas and make the change.

For instance, I wish I could find the solution when it comes to taking an intercontinental flight to visit my parents and family in California- anyone else in this predicament?

I started my journey to conscious living with my closet because it’s clear that most of the western world over consumes here. And I’ve found that by making a shift here, that it carried over into other aspects of my life. You can find out more about the program I created to conquer overconsumption here.

Keep with it. Keep moving forward. When individuals change, it carries over to others and helps influence them to change too.

Stay on the path!



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