How to Donate & Help the Ukraine

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I’m taking this week to use my platform to spread the word about how to donate & help the Ukraine. In an effective way.

Our friends in the Ukraine need our help. And I know it’s difficult for everyone to understand where and how they can help. So today I’m here to give you some guidance and hope.

Even though the war may not be happening on our own soil, the effects of it are and will be felt worldwide.

The very most important thing is the health and safety of civilians and this is where your time, money and clothing can be put to good use.

Here are three things that you can do to help right now:

Donate Money, Donate Clothing & Necessary Items

This is the most effective way to help. Why? Because your money goes to organisations that have the infrastructure and experience to help people on this scale.  But I know a lot of people are hesitant to donate because they’re not sure if their money is really getting to where it needs to go. Please check out this article in Global Citizen where they give you the best vetted organisations that are helping people right now. You can donate without worry.

This is especially important for the people who have fled and are seeking asylum in the bordering countries, like Poland, Moldova and others. I had a conversation with Catherine Leduc, CEO of Catherine Leduc Coaching & Consulting who was involved with helping in the refugee camps on Lesvos. She says to prioritise monetary donations over goods. But in case goods are needed, first find out from the organization what they need and don’t stray from their guidelines! You can find more great tips in this comprehensive list on How to Donate Clothes & Goods in Crisis Situations.

Help With Your Time

If you feel inspired to physically help, you can contact help organisations that are looking for volunteers. Sorting donations and transporting goods are all ways that support the cause. Contact local help organisations in your area to find out more. 

In conclusion, donate & help the Ukraine in any way you can.  It’s the right thing to do in the world crisis we’re experiencing right now. We don’t have to feel helpless. In fact, when you help, it relieves some of the worry that you may be feeling and demonstrates solidarity with the people of the Ukraine.

May all of you stay safe together with your loved ones. 

And may peace and love prevail in the Ukraine and the entire planet.

XXX Lisa-Marie