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” Before the styling, I didn’t have a clear style. Now I know much better what suits me and what to look out for. For example, I pay much more attention to how a garment is cut and what seams and lines it has that are either advantageous for me or not.

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Client Maria S

Maria S

Only from Hollywood films and books did I know of a concept of a “personal stylist” – it was mind blowing to experience this with Lisa-Marie – I felt like a movie star!  Lisa-Marie doesnt take care only of your wardrobe, she also takes care of you as a person with her loving, gentle and dedicated way.

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Gold star decorative detail
Lisa-Marie Armstrong's Client: Natalie YF

Natalie YF

With Lisa Marie’s program, I‘m not only investing in myself but also my kids. I set the example in helping them build awareness and take action for the good of our environment.

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Christiane L

I’m no longer buying loads of stuff that looks like what I already have and I’m only buying clothes I really like and hence will wear for years to come (provided I stay off the pastries! 😄 )

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Lisa-Marie’s courses have helped me tremendously. It was a gamechanger.

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