I used to hate opening my closet. It was filled to the rim but there wasn’t much excitement about what I wanted to wear. I know what I like and what I do not like. However, it was not
reflected in what I owned nor in my Style. It became a frustrating attempt every morning to sift through my wardrobe of random things and get myself dressed. Luckily Lisa-Marie came to my rescue. There are so many elements to a functioning wardrobe that was too overwhelming for me to even start on my own.

  • What I like
  • What suits me
  • What I can afford
  • What I should wear for the job I have

In a half-day Lisa-Marie, made me select, reject, assemble and consider everything I had in my closet…from a single white t-shirt to fancy suits through socks and shoes… E-V-E.R-Y-T-H.I-N.G. Then she showed me how I can create a wardrobe in a sustainable and functional way that did not have to compromise on my style. Now getting stylishly ready is a piece of cake. My sustainably conscious closet is easy to navigate and maintain, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Lisa-Marie’s help.

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