Natalie YF

The day Lisa-Marie advised me on how to wear the clothes I really like to wear on a daily basis, was the day that changed the way I thought about my wardrobe. I’m in the food industry and spend most of my time in the kitchen wearing mostly jeans and tee-shirts. But what I really would‘ve loved to wear are dresses and it just seemed there wasn’t enough time or opportunities in my busy schedule. I thought I’d feel silly or frivolous wearing a dress doing all that work in the kitchen. But Lisa-Marie showed me how the dresses I loved could be worn everyday- even in my line of work!
That was almost 8 years ago now. Since then, I feel great wearing dresses all the time! Not only that, my wardrobe choices have changed and I literally wear almost everything I have in it. I buy only what I love to wear.

From my experience, I find that not only is she extremely knowledgeable about fashion, she is also a great listener and as a result, she encourages me to take action with useful and realistic
options and choices. I loved her educational courses over the years about how to wear certain looks, what-to-wear, styling, colors, sizing and more. Now with her new series on sustainable fashion, I have learnt so much about what is happening from the process of making and selling clothes to the final recycling process. I’m more aware of my buying choices and how I can contribute to a more sustainable environment. With her program, I‘m not only investing in myself but also my kids. I set the example in helping them build awareness and take action for the good of our environment.

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