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Sustainable Style Academy

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5-Week Habit & Style Building Course

Shop Your Own Closet

The shop your own closet course is designed to help you get the most out of your wardrobe. Learn to style your closet like a pro and reconnect to the clothing you already have. Create looks you’ll love with your own clothes, develop personal style, and learn about your shopping habits along the way.

Learn exactly how a functional closet is organized
Get 5 tried and tested methods for styling with your clothes
Discover new ways to build new styles into your existing one
Create a digital Lookbook of tried & tested looks you love to wear
Slow your shopping habits & save money

5-Week Course

Sustainable Wardrobe Edit

Step-by-step method to help make decisions to keep clothing, or not
Get 5 tried and tested methods for styling with your clothes
How to determine if the clothes you are wearing have the right fit (and what to do about it)
How to sustainably pass on clothes you don’t need anymore
Slow your shopping habits & save money

And much more!

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10-Week Online Program

The Sustainable Mindset & Style Transformation

The most comprehensive program for understanding your habits and shifting your mindset when it comes to shopping and building a sustainable wardrobe. The Sustainable Style & Mindset Transformation not only reconnects you to your clothing, it also provides a framework for all aspects of your life.

Build acute awareness of your personal impact
Understand your shopping habits & triggers
Create strategies that help you shop consciously
Develop style around a new mindset
Become a role model for others in your life by example

This program changed my life in so many ways. I’m so grateful for all of it!

Marlene G.

Lisa Marie Armstrong, Personal Stylist, Sustainable Mindset Shifter

IN PERSON image coaching

You're wanting to work directly with me and receive private image coaching?

Let's do it!

In person assessments
Closet cleanouts & organization
Style & look development
Color consultation
Shopping coaching
Online options available for some services