To the Closet Owner Who Dreams of Sustainable, Clutter-Free Style :


Amazing Wardrobes Aren't 'Bought'... They Are CURATED!

...with careful consideration & methodology!

There are 5 Important Methods Every Person Needs if You Actually Want to Build Sustainable Style! Read on to see how you too Can Style From Your Own Closet & Build a Clutter-Free Functional Closet of Clothes with Strategies of a Style Pro!

With Results Like These:

"I was able to wear things in my closet that I had literally given up on!"

"I was able to put 4000$ in my savings account!"

"I'm finally living a more conscious lifestyle!"

It's No Wonder My Clients Are RAVING About My Unique Approach to Creating Sustainable Closets!

Living a more sustainable lifestyle when it comes to your clothes isn’t easy, am I right?

If you really knew how to, you’d be doing it already, right?

Like all of my clients, you’d love an easy to use, sustainable stylish wardrobe free from clutter. And deep down you already know that those random clothing purchases and those things you don’t wear are evidence that you don’t have your closet under control.

And what’s worse is that it’s wasting your money and time that you should've invested in much better things. On top of that, all those things from your last closet clean-outs went mostly unworn. 

And I get it, shopping feels like such a reward at first, doesn’t it? But what about when you pay for it? If you’re like most of my clients, the excitement is dampened by a deep down feeling of remorse and guilt because you know it’s probably not worth the money you’re spending.

And then ‘The Thing’ ends up hanging in your closet collecting dust. Defeating, I know.

Don’t be ashamed!  It’s not your fault.

THE TRUTH IS: we were never taught how to shop.

I mean, just take a look at how all of those companies with their fancy advertising and promises of happiness and perfection lure us into thinking that we need what they have. But as you’ll quickly learn, we’ve been being tricked into this consumer mindset.

In fact, we’re buying 60% more clothes than we were only 20 years ago simply because of the way we’re being marketed to.

No one ever told you that regularly buying clothes is not only killing your style, but is also one of the most harmful things affecting our planet. And that it’s your shopping habit that needs to change.

Because if you continue to shop as you have been and remain disconnected from the things you already own, you will continue to waste money, contribute to environmental destruction and lose your true sense of style, which is not built by buying random stuff. 

Knowing your closet is the key to changing your shopping habits and building a more sustainable lifestyle.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel guilty for buying things- you feel it already before you’ve even made the decision to buy, but you do it anyway

  • You use shopping to relax, reward or console yourself, or as an extracurricular activity with your friends or family members instead of doing something non-shopping related

  • You’re overwhelmed by how much you have and can’t bear the thought of having to ‘do something about it’

  • You’re ashamed at how much money you’ve spent on clothes, and have found yourself juggling funds around to hide the damage from yourself and your partner

  • You hate the fact that a lot of your clothes don’t fit you, and so you let them hang in the back of your closet- And then you go shop to get something that fits until you can wear the other stuff again.

A closet clean-out alone will not solve your overstuffed closet problem.

You can tidy all you want, but if you want a LASTING solution, you have to go to the source of the problem. If you don't change your shopping habits, you'll always end up with a closet stuffed with clothes.

And how much money is that costing you?

The thing is if you don’t get a grasp of your shopping habits, you will never be able to build a sustainable wardrobe...

... and you’ll continue to waste money and add to the global pollution problem. 

Show me JUST ONE one person who is suffering because they shop less, save money and act more consciously about how they develop their style? 

You can’t!

That’s because they know what you may not have realized until right now.

People who have made the choice to live more sustainably with their clothing have worked hard on building their awareness around their mindset, habits, style, wardrobe and the meaning of the responsibility they carry when they choose to take ownership of something.

They‘re connected to the things they own. They USE them. They LOVE them. They CHERISH them.

And YOU can gain this awareness too!

If you’ve already felt like you want to make a significant change around your style, closet, or the way you shop,  this means you’re already beginning to experience the awareness required to make it happen!

In this course, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do that- and it starts by reconnecting to the things you already own and learning the practice of slow-fashion.

And to make this the biggest no-brainer, I’m going to make a fantastic guarantee, which takes away all the risk of your investment.

Imagine: a clutter-free closet filled with clothes you LOVE to wear!

Imagine...for just a moment...

that you had a step-by-step process for assessing the clothes in your closet...

...imagine you could develop your style using the clothing you already have... would have outfits in your closet that make you feel confident...

...and you didn't even have to buy anything!

And because you've done this, you've figured out the key to your own personal style & you'll never have to go through a massive closet clean-out EVER AGAIN! You know what you like & what you really need.

And that means you would SHOP LESS which is MAGIC MEDICINE to our PLANET!

Wouldn't that be nice?

Well you don't have to "imagine" any longer.'s here.


Shop Your Own Closet


The Shop Your Own Closet Course isn’t like other ‘Fix Your Style’ courses.

It’s a 5 module Transformation Process that will change you from an Overwhelmed, Over-shopped Closet Owner to a Sustainable Style Champion.

You’ll Discover


The organization required to begin shopping within your own closet and creating news looks for yourself successfully  


The deeper aspects of your shopping habits by finding clarity of how and why you own the things that you do- 


How to create looks you actually like- using the clothes in your own wardrobe: the practice of slow-fashion.


New ways to wear things you thought you couldn’t- and save things from landing in the clothing collections bin


How to continue developing your style - and learn what you actually really need to make your closet cohesive and functional

It's time to give your closet (and our planet!) the wonderful attention it deserves! Just like it's done for my past students:

Closets We Love: Alumni Share Joyful Reflections!

" I’m spending only a fraction of what I used to and can now start investing more of my money for my long-term financial security. "

"Lisa-Marie's approach to wardrobe transformation is truly remarkable. I was stuck in a cycle of impulse buying and clearing out my wardrobe, which not only wasted my money but also contributed to environmental issues. Since engaging Lisa-Marie's services, I’ve been able to develop my wardrobe in a sustainably-minded way and wear more of what I already own. I was able to downsize my wardrobe without feeling like I was getting rid of the wrong things. Now I only shop for the things I need that strategically work with the things in my closet. I’m spending only a fraction of what I used to and can now start investing more of my money for my long-term financial security. I’ve received so many compliments on my dress, which shows that her skills and knowledge can truly enhance one's personal style. I highly recommend Lisa-Marie and her method to anyone who wants to transform their wardrobe and make positive changes in their life. Her services are worth the investment, and the impact of her work goes beyond just improving one's personal style.'


Keren-Jo Thomas

Financial Planner

“I never knew in my life that I had so many options right inside my own wardrobe..." 

"Sustainability is really important to me when it comes to my clothes, but I was overbuying lots of them. The problem was that I had so many that it made me feel really unhappy about myself and everything in my closet. This course really helped me to see the real impact of my buying habits. My favorite part was discovering how to analyze and create my style using Lisa-Marie's Shop Your Own Closet method.  I never knew in my life that I had so many options right inside my own wardrobe! And it was so easy! I felt so empowered- both in my closet and in my style. This program changed my life in so many ways. I’m so grateful for all of it!'


Marlene G.





" I rediscovered my unique style, took the courage to express it and built a sustainable wardobe"

My shopping habits felt like a trap and were holding me back in life.  Thanks to the course with Lisa-Marie, I was able to gain clarity on it all and make a significant change. Through doing the course, I realized that less is more. By shopping my own closet I rediscovered my unique style, took courage to express it and learned how to build a sustainable wardrobe. I especially enjoyed the wardrobe edit upgrade (wouldn’t be able to do it myself!), the focus on environmental conservation and Lisa-Marie's amazing library with eye opening resources on greenwashing and the dark sides of the fast fashion industry. I feel like a new person and can truly recommend Lisa-Marie's course, as it was a real life changing experience for me.

Anna B.

HR Professional


Detailed video training & step-by-step guide for the

5 methods of sustainable closet shopping & transformation!

Every house is built using a detailed blueprint... starting from the ground up! If you forget to build the foundation using the right materials, the house will cave in! That's how building style in your wardrobe works!

Inside the Shop Your Own Closet Course, you won't just get the materials required to construct your own sustainable style. You'll get step-by-step methods walking you through exactly how to build your style for the different aspects of your life without having years of styling experience to do it!

Imagine how much easier and satisfying it will be to assemble your looks when you can simply follow the easy formulas and methods for each part of your outfit!

The 5 "Building Blocks" of Sustainable Style Construction:


  • Closet organization & inventory: how much do you own and how much did it cost you?
  • Understanding your clothing choices/ the reasons why you own them
  • Getting into your closet & the methods of how to combine & troubleshoot your own clothes
  • Cultivating individuality and creativity
  • Going further with your style through slow, careful curation

Lesson 1:

Color Coordination & Categorization:

Streamline Your Closet for Effortless Outfit Creation

Get inside my closet! When you’ve been sorting closets as long as I have and helped people learn how to style themselves for over 20 years, how much would it help to be able to get a view inside my closet and see exactly how I’ve strategically organized my clothes to make styling myself more efficient?

I’ll reveal my easy-peasy method for organizing your closet that will help you build some serious personal style!

You’ll discover:

  • How the my organizational method serves the purpose of styling
  • The colors and types of clothing that you have the most of in your closet- and the least of
  • The items you need to make shopping your own closet successful.

Lesson 2:

Style Foundations 101 (part one):

Understanding the principles of Shopping Your own Closet

Having a real method to begin styling yourself from, even if you think you have no style, is a game changer.

Think about it: how much of your clothing have you gotten rid of in the past simply because you didn’t know how to combine it with other things?

Do you want this kind of closet disappointment to continue? Of course not!

So how do you start styling yourself in a way that’s not going to leave you frustrated?

Inside Shop Your Own Closet, I walk you through:

  • Simple steps that anyone can follow to start creating looks you’ll love to wear
  • Creating looks for different situations
  • Building a personal style library to document your progress

Lesson 2+:

Style Foundations 101 (part two):

The Real Reasons Behind Owning Your Things

The last thing you need is to fall back into an old pattern of buying things that don’t work out. Because let’s face it: mistakes waste our money, time and planetary resources…and they clutter our closets.

That’s why I’ve included a training that helps you to really get down to the real reasons behind the clothes you own.

You’ll get:

  • Gentle prompts that help you look back to when you got your clothes
  • Methods to discover your shopping patterns
  • And ways to start changing them for good

Lesson 3:

Wardrobe Revamp:

Combining Old, New and Forgotten Pieces for Stunning Ensembles

The last thing you need is the feeling that comes with not knowing what to do with some of the clothes in your closet. I mean,  we’ve all been there before: that top that still has the tags on it, that new item that you just brought home but now have to try and integrate and the favorite pieces that you’re certain your friends must think you never taken off because you always seem to wear it.

So how do you create looks with these things that carry mixed emotional weight?

  • Three easy methods for rediscovering these difficult to style pieces
  • Get real clarity on whether something is really working, or not
  • Enjoy the the surprise of finding ways to make things work- and like them too
  • Includes plenty of real-life examples to help spark your creativity

Lesson 4:

Your Closet As Self-Expression:

Cultivating Your Individuality Through Free Styling

Wouldn’t it be a dream to be able to style yourself like a stylist…without having to hire one? This is something I hear from clients all the time, ‘oh, but when you go, I’m scared I might not be able to do it as creatively as you!

Well that thinking ends right here. Because I’m going to tell you exactly how I do it…

  • Learn my free-styling technique for creating looks based on an accessory or footwear
  • Build cohesion by strategically adding a new piece
  • Think outside the box when you create a new look

Lesson 5:

Going Further With Style:

Harnessing the Power of Pinterest & Other Media to Discover & Refine Your Personal Style

If you think that style is built and then just stays that way, think again. One of the most amazing things about style is that it grows with us as we change. This is also probably why you have things in your closet that don’t suit you anymore. And that’s where style development comes in. There is nothing better than exploring style outside of your closet and seeing if you can replicate it within your own.

In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • How I use Pinterest and other media to discover style that i like
  • How I use my closet to find these looks
  • How to think outside of the box when it comes to adopting new styles


Oh yes! There's LOTS More! 😍

Hey, I'm a firm believer in communication and solving problems together. And that's why along with this course I'm giving you a line to connect with me and others who are wanting the same thing as you! How do we do it? Keep on reading!

Sustainable Style Champion Facebook Community 🌟

This is my private community for clients that take my courses and work with me privately. You can ask any sustainable style related question in it. AND I'm certain to come in there with some surprises for you as well! It's a super valuable part of my course environment that helps people connect with like-minded hearts.

12 Month Subscription to my Monthly Live Q & A Sessions 💡

I host a 1x Month Q & A exclusively for this course on Zoom. You can send me your questions in the Facebook group AND show up Live via Zoom where you can interact with me directly. Every call is recorded and posted in the course platform in case you should miss the Live. It's Your Chance to ask me questions directly!

Create your own style with mindful, sustainable principles and put a stop to the endless clutter and closet clean-outs.



Click Here to Save CHF 57 When You Pay In Full!



This is about the time where you might be saying, "Yeah, Lisa-Marie, but I don't even feel like I have any style what-so-ever. Shouldn't I be getting rid of those things first?" NO.

Why Cleaning Out Your Closet BEFORE You Shop

Your Own Closet FIRST is BACKWARDS!

Most overwhelmed closet owners waste their time attempting to create the "perfect clutter-free closet" by getting rid of their things in the hopes that this will bring clarity to what their style is. THEN...when they realize that they still can't see it, they go out and waste their money on 'Things' that are supposed to miraculously make Style appear. Sound familiar?

...but then why are these things hanging unworn in your closet? Some of them may even still have the tags attached to them, am I right?!

(that's a lot of money and planetary resources that I wouldn't risk wasting, would you?)

When you shop your own closet first, you give yourself and your clothing a chance to see how things actually CAN work together...because building style takes conscious effort!

...and then you give yourself the chance to actually SEE YOUR STYLE!

Every successful stylist I've known starts with their own closet FIRST when creating new ways of expressing themselves. The ones that don't, end up building themselves a closet full of mismatched things that eventually end up in the landfill after a love-less closet clean-out.



Yes. That's EXACTLY what I'm saying. 😍

Everlasting Customer Devotion

"Take her online course. It will knock your socks off literally. I truly believe it is a must investment." 

- Ilana Jankowitz, Certified Money Coach

"Lisa-Marie boosts the awareness for sustainability while helping people learn how to save money and resources."

- Christine Hofstetter


"With her program, I‘m not only investing in myself but also my kids. I set the example in helping them build awareness and take action for the good of our environment."

- Natalie Flipse


The Investment

I’ve helped countless closet owners become champions of sustainable style, and now it’s your turn!

My private clients pay me thousands to work in an up close & personal setting.

A one-off day with me in your wardrobe starts at CHF 1000.

My signature online course alone costs over CHF 2500. So why am I offering something for so inexpensive?

Over the past several years, I've seen countless closet owners struggling with their clothing while trying to adjust their lifestyle to a more sustainable version of it. They keep shopping for things in an attempt to solve their style issues while unknowingly contributing to the global pollution problem- which is exactly the opposite of what they believe in.

Their closet grows, they get rid of things and then the whole process starts over from the beginning.

Which means if you never get this shopping habit figured out, you’re never going to experience the freedom of how it feels to live upholding all of the values you hold dear when it comes to protecting this precious planet we live on. 

It’s for this reason that I want to make sure I get this course into as many hands as possible so I can help you and others break free from overconsumption patterns and live your best sustainable life in style.

So tell me, are you In?

Transform Your Style Risk-Free

With My Joyful Closet Promise!


The fact that you're reading this section means that you already know Shopping Your Own Closet will help improve your closet, style and finances, but perhaps you still have a little bit of doubt. Hesitation. Risk. I get it. Like...

"This sounds too good to be true! How am I supposed to know this is really what I need?"

Well... that's simple. Try it.

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEED badge will ensure that within this time period if anything bad happens or you are not satisfy by the product or service you can have your refund instant.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you enroll, you'll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING inside the program, and if for whatever reason you're not any closer to feeling like this was the best investment you've made to transform your style & shopping habits, and you can prove you gave it an honest shot after 30 days inside of the program, my Joyful Closet Promise offers you a money-back guarantee, without worry.

Simply email Johanna at

and we'll get you all set!

I Have EVEN MORE "Goodies" for You!

The 5 main modules of Shop Your Own Closet will completely transform the way you wear your clothes. And the monthly calls and Facebook Group will help keep you on track. But that's only the beginning.

When you join SYOC, you also get my Closet Lover Bonus Bundle- a set of four extra tools that get you to where you want to go even faster- making it easier for you to make decisions and work with your wardrobe.

BONUS #1: Just Your Shape:

Transform Your Style With Fit & Proportion Techniques

Video & PDF Duo (Value CHF 97)

Imagine how much easier it is to style yourself when you have a clearer understanding of how fit & proportion work to your advantage. With this powerful resource you’ll get just the right amount of knowledge, without feeling like you had to go to fashion school!

  • Get the right fit with easy, simplified tips and methods that will help you make quicker decisions
  • Create the silhouettes you love using basic techniques of proportion
  • Wear your clothes with confidence knowing that you’re wearing something that flatters you the most!
  • Includes my PDF File on Proportion

BONUS #2: The Colors In Your Closet:

A Simplified Method To Knowing What Works

Video (Value CHF 97)

What if I told you that it doesn’t take a degree in image consulting to understand the colors in your closet. In this video I give you the simple method for determining whether the colors in your closet are working out for you or not, without having to have a professional color consultation.

  • Get the simplified method for testing a color 
  • Gain confidence in using your gut instinct to tell you if the color works for you or not
  • Make safe decisions as to whether or not specific colors belong in your closet

BONUS #3: Repairs & Alterations:

The Secret Power Behind the Fabulous Wardrobe

Video plus PDF List (Value CHF 97)

What if I told you I could wave a magic wand and suddenly all of your clothes would fit perfectly- exactly like you like them? Well, this bonus video does almost that. Here you’ll learn about the importance of repairs and why the alterations person near you should become your closet’s new bestie.

  • Keep clothes out of the landfill by keeping up on repairs
  • Increase the value of your wardrobe by keeping your clothes wearable
  • Support local businesses by engaging in repairs & alterations instead of buying new
  • Includes my List of Top Criteria of a skilled alterations person

BONUS #4: Extensive Resource Library:

Living Library of the Latest Information on Sustainable

Style & Fashion

Link to Live Google Doc (Priceless)

This one is a favorite of my signature course students which is why I want to share it with you as one of the bonuses. Get information all around the topic of sustainable style & fashion from shopping, repairing to legislation, fiber tech development and DIY sewing projects. Whenever I find things I like, I put them in there- so there’s always something new to discover.

  • Up-to-date information on all things surrounding sustainable closets & style
  • Easy to access in a live Google doc
  • No research required- I’ve done it all for you. Easy, right?

So Let's Recap...

When you join Shop Your Own Closet you get instant access to the 5 Shop Your Closet Training Modules- videos and exercises that transform you from the overwhelmed closet owner mindset into the future-paced Sustainable Style Champion (Value CHF 999)


  • All of my methods in an easy to use Guide (Value CHF49)
  • 12x live Q&A sessions (Value CHF 1500)
  • Access to the private facebook group (Priceless)
  • AND you’ll get my Closet-Lover’s Bonus Bundle (CHF 297)

That makes everything you get worth over CHF 2845!

It's Time To Choose...

So we’ve been having a good time here dreaming about the amazing benefits of shopping your own closet and the amazing freedom it brings from being caught in an overconsumption habit.

The freedom to live without the constant need to buy.

The freedom to wear clothes that suit YOU

The freedom to use your money for a much better purpose than on things that end up in the landfill.

And so now it’s time to decide:

The first choice is to do nothing about it. And as you already know, if you choose nothing, nothing changes. You’ll stay in the same crazy circus of buying things and getting rid of things- wasting money and resources and not getting any satisfaction out of it.

BUT, if you already know that you want to feel fabulous about the clothes you own and the choices you make and thereby have a more positive impact on the world, then your choice is obvious: join us inside Shop Your Own Closet and start your transformation to becoming the sustainable style champion you were meant to be. ❤️

Simply click the button below and I’ll be waiting for you on the inside!

But if you’re still on the fence about this, wondering if you should take the leap, let me share one last thought with you. Maybe you’re thinking things others have thought before they joined…


I've got A's for your Q's

Below is a list of the most common questions I’ve been asked. If for some odd reason you don’t see your question, just reach out to Johanna at so we can assist you. Cool?

What makes the students and all of the testimonials I’ve seen so successful?

I set out to create a step-by-step program that will help you ignite a mindset shift when it comes to the way you buy and use clothing. I don’t just tell you what to do, I show you. Just like I take my clients step-by step through the process, you’ll get the same. So you’re going to get the experience of building a real, sustainable closet of clothes for yourself.

I don't have great clothes?

So I guess it  depends on what ‘great clothes’ means here. Everyone walks around in jeans and tee-shirts…aren’t these great clothes? If you take a look around, you’ll see that most people wear things that everyone has. If you have ANY clothes, which I’m sure you do, you can start shopping your own closet. If anything, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out how great your clothes actually are!

I don't think I have style?

Do we stay exactly the same our entire lives? I would bet that you’d say ‘we’re changing constantly!’- and you’re right, which means you can change your style too- even if you feel like you don’t have any right now. That’s why I created Shop Your Own Closet: because people like you want to discover new styling ways for themselves.

I went through some physical changes and things don’t fit me very well…will this course help me?

Things not fitting you very well isn’t a problem, but an opportunity to discover a new silhouette and new proportions that compliment your body now. Shopping your own closet will give you clarity on what those things are and help you discover a new style path. 

This sounds much time will this take?

That’s ultimately up to you. But give me 5 weeks and you will walk away with a closet of clothes that you love to wear without having to spend your hard-earned money to get it. And if 5 weeks feels overwhelming, then I’m here to tell you that the Shop Your Own Closet Course is the ANTIDOTE to overwhelm. It’s designed to take you through your closet step-by-step and build a library of looks for you to fall back on- which makes it super easy and stress-free to get dressed in the morning. 

My closet is so full I can't seem to find the good stuff. Will this course help me?

Full closets are like buried treasure waiting for discovery! My step-by-step method to organize your closet will help bring some clarity to your closet and remove the overwhelm before you learn how to style. 

What can I expect once I enroll in Shop Your Own Closet?

Once you’ve completed your enrollment, you’ll receive an email immediately upon your purchase that includes instant access with lifetime updates to all the material.

Are the group Zoom calls recorded?

Yes. The group Zoom calls are recorded and loaded directly into the platform for you to view later.

Can a friend go through this course with me?

Absolutely! There’s nothing better than having others that are on a similar path to change! I have a plan for referrals. Contact Johanna at for inquiries.

Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

Of course! Community is the key here and I have my private Facebook Group: Sustainable Style Champions where you can ask any question related to sustainable style development plus the monthly live Q & A sessions where you can ask me directly. You have technical and billing inquiries? Simply shoot Johanna a message at

What is the guarantee/ refund policy?

When you enroll, you'll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING inside the program, and if for whatever reason you're not any closer to feeling like this was the best investment you've made to transform your style & shopping habits, and you can prove you gave it an honest shot after 30 days inside of the program, my Joyful Closet Promise offers you a money-back guarantee, without worry.

Simply email Johanna at

and we'll get you all set!


Are individual calls recorded?

Individual calls are recorded at your request. If so, you will receive the link to view them after the call. Otherwise they are not recorded by default.  

Closets We Love: Alumni Share Joyful Reflections!



"My sustainably conscious closet is easy to navigate and maintain, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Lisa-Marie's help."

"I used to hate opening my closet. It was filled to the rim but there wasn’t much excitement about what I wanted to wear. It became a frustrating attempt every morning to sift through my wardrobe of random things and get myself  dressed."

"There are so many elements to a functioning wardrobe that were too overwhelming for me to even start on my own."

"Luckily Lisa-Marie came to my rescue. She showed me how I can create a wardrobe in a sustainable and functional way that did not have to compromise on my style." 

Cécile Bastien-Remy Speak 4 Impact Coaching

& TEDx Speaker 

“Lisa-Marie’s courses have helped me tremendously.

It was a game-changer." 

"I am much more conscious of what I buy and am therefore a much more responsible consumer (sustainable planet and lifestyle)."

”I learned how to more responsibly get rid of my own and my children’s clothing, e.g., through upcycling, recycling, etc." 

Evelina Ascalon

Ascalon Talent Investment




" I didn't even know that I had so many great items of clothing in my closet. "

"I learned not just to buy individual pieces straight away, but to think about it: If I need this, how can I combine it, I feel good in this item of clothing, etc. In addition, I became much more aware of the colors in which I feel very comfortable.  Now shopping is much easier for me because I am much more focused. "

" Before, I didn't have a clear style.  Now I know much better what suits me and what to look out for."

" I can recommend Lisa-Marie to everyone from the bottom of my heart and out of conviction." 

Sabina Donnellon

Founder, IBEX Coaching



Click Here to Save CHF 57 When You Pay In Full!


How much money did you throw away in your last closet clean out?

Learn a new way to enjoy your clothes by

Shopping Your Own Closet instead!


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