I met Sabina while skiing in Davos. She called me for an appointment after spending lunch with me talking about personal transformation. Her business was growing, her daughters were leading lives of their own, and she felt like she wanted to make a shift into the next stage of her life.

The problem:
Sabina wanted to feel stylish, but she felt like she kept missing the mark. Her career required her to be on stage from time to time, and she wanted to make sure she was wholly representing herself and her small business. Problem was that she hadn’t assessed herself in years- and wasn‘t a fan of shopping or spending money on herself. This had led to style stagnation- she kept wearing the same thing over and over again.

The solution:
She joined my 6-month transformation program where we journaled about where she wanted to go, edited her wardrobe, styled her with the things she already had, and then shopped for the things that were necessary to tie it all together. In the process, she learned how to think outside of the box and try new combinations of items. She learned about accessories and how they can enhance and change any look. Sabina also discovered which cuts look best on her and how to work with lines to create the silhouettes she wanted.

The result:
Sabina is a client who truly engaged in the process for the sake of her own transformation. She did the work and totally upped her game. The compliments she received came from all areas of her life. I loved receiving her messages telling me how she had held a workshop, felt confident, and received astounding feedback for her work. Read for yourself in her testimonial. Thank you, Sabina, for trusting me to help you in your transformation! You are a light for many! XXX

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