Lisa Marie Armstrong - sustainable stylist & mindset shifter

I‘m Lisa-Marie Armstrong

sustainable stylist & mindset shifter

I have helped women re-invent their personal style for several decades.

My method of mindset shifting, style and sustainability training  makes conscious wardrobes and lifestyles easy and fulfilling- while setting a new example of consumer behavior for the future generation.

My career in fashion has spanned three decades and two continents in the areas of image consulting, personal styling, photo styling, retail luxury, fashion design, runway and photographic modeling.

I have worked one-on-one with countless clients and their wardrobes to build their personal style with a purpose.

I've been advocating for sustainable and ethical fashion since 2018 and have developed the Sustainable Style Academy platform, to help people discover the new and forward thinking method to clothing consumption.

Conscious wardrobe

Sustainable Style Mindset

What does it bring to you and to our planet?

Conscious Style
less waste
cleaner planet
less clutter
Streamlined Wardrobe
$ for Workers
More Humanity
Less Buying
More Money Saved
Role Model
Strong Future Generation
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So how did I get here?

I‘m a lot like other women, possibly a lot like you. I‘ve been through several phases in my life: from the young years of self-discovery to career, childbirth, entrepreneurial & lifestyle changes, personal traumas, and the inevitable phases our bodies go through. I finally felt I had reached a point of stagnation- a need for a shift- and didn‘t quite know how to get myself there. I became completely dis-satisfied and self-critical.

In each of these phases of life, my reward system was shopping. And during the down times in my life, I shopped spontaneously in double-time in the hopes that it would ease my unjoy, what I now term as ‚Filling the Void‘. I wasn‘t aware of the effects of my actions and how it was ruining my style and my bank account. And I didn‘t see how damaging my habits were to the planet or to the upbringing of my daughters.

That's until my eight year old made a comment one day that opened my eyes...that if mommy didn‘t like what she had on, that she should just go buy a new one like she always does.
This shocked me awake! I could not have this be the example that I was setting for my children.

It was then that I saw all the things that I had accumulated over the years, and why. And it was staggeringly overwhelming how little style I had despite the overabundance of unfortunately unwearable clothes. And so began a process that was to become the method that I now teach my clients.

Sustainable Wardrobe Methodology


By creating a new mindset towards myself and clothing, I've been able to create a sustainable wardrobe methodology that makes me and my clients feel fabulous inside and out while helping to act consciously as an aware global citizen when it comes to sustainable and ethical consumption of fashion.

I'm also proud to say that I've kicked that bad shopping habit and have helped others to do so too!

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Lisa-Marie Armstrong

More about me

I'm highly creative and exceptionally empathic. I love to paint, make custom clothing & jewelry (I used to have an artisan jewelry business!) and meditate on gratitude and presence.

I see a near future where we can be beautiful, individual, empowered global thinkers- who use style as a tool to express personal power and intent. We actively work towards a better planet and space for everyone to thrive in. And our children follow in our footsteps.

You deserve to enjoy the freedom of feeling fabulous, in clothing that speaks who you are as a person, founded on sustainability and global awareness, free from void-filling traps. You are worth it, to yourself, to make a mindset shift that brings you joy.

“ As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy. “

Emma Watson

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